Ali Moini : “Qu’est-ce qu’on attend ?”

“There is a circle with the black thick border, holding a minuscule image of something unknown, rolling towards many sharp, acicular moving lines, waiting for the others and I.

The lines are particularly untouchable thus the circle will be always avoiding to tangent with them, as I predict.

The lines are some rows of closely spaced minuscule unknown but colorful images that get blurred frequently, that’s why we will feel like that they are focusing on us.

The lines will stretch out so the minuscules become bigger.

The minuscules will spin around so they look as some black dots.

Wonder to which side.

There are baby birds singing parodies to be fed by the others and I.

Their tune is fragmented partially and I wonder how to recognize the hidden tones.

As they sing they blow the bubble of their eyes.

Eyes which get bigger and bluish.

The minuscule spinning images get closer and the circle might touch the lines.

The birds sing parodies and moan to be fed, so we will run faster while the bubble of their eyes gets bigger and bigger.

Many white and red spheres with brown pupils which get bluish and bigger.

The bubble of their eyes bursts and there come out some more minuscule colorful unknowns from their eye sockets as they insist on singing their song which is now a bit happier and feels pretty chilled.”